In a world where the respect you get is equivalent to your bank account, it is everyone’s wish to own a chain of businesses with million-dollar profits. The road to having a successful business is not decorated with rose flowers, or rather perfumed with the most expensive cologne.

It is excruciating and challenging, with the chances of giving up being almost inevitable. One of the most enormous headaches in making a successful business is marketing the business. For any business to be successful, it ought to have a brilliant marketing plan that will ensure its presence in the market is felt. Below are important tips to consider before writing a marketing plan.

Situation Analysis

Before you engage in anything, it is prudent to know your standpoint following the situation. Writing a marketing plan isn’t any different. If you wish to come up with a working marketing plan, the vitality of having a marketing plan is of grave concern.

When doing your situation analysis, you will need to define what your brand is about or product. You will need to know why your product is unique, and how you arrived at the pricing, its quality, and convenience. Situation analysis entails auditing the market to determine your share in the market. It also involves checking on your competitors, understanding them so that your marketing plan will be inclusive of their strengths and weaknesses.

Your situation analysis should be an overview of your brand’s SWOT analysis. 

Target Audience 

After a comprehensive situation analysis, the next step is to determine the target audience of your product. The target audience is the most critical factor in marketing as they determine the channels used in marketing, the tone used, and the direction of the marketing strategy.

Having a grip on the demographic needs and preferences of your target audience is a tool that will take your marketing plan a notch higher. Defining your customer journey will help you interact with your target audience, therefore, making your marketing plan effective.

Marketing Goals

For anything to be successful, there should be goals which an activity intends to achieve before it all comes to a culmination. Before writing a marketing plan, you should define your marketing goals. Your marketing goals and objectives should represent what your business hopes to achieve in the market.

The marketing goals should be able to affect your brand. It should clearly define what your business intentions are. Having marketing goals will help you write a marketing plan that is concise and effective.


Any successful business has a lot of money invested in it. To have a successful marketing plan, you need to invest money in marketing. Nothing good comes cheap, and often quality is imperative to price.

You have to invest in the best quality of the marketing channel you prefer for the marketing of your product. Determine the strategies that would pay off after allocation of accurate budget, both in the short run and in the long term. Having the budget will inform the structure and strategy to use while writing your marketing strategy.

In conclusion, you have to determine your marketing strategies and tactics before writing a marketing plan. The strategy and tactics are all that a marketing plan describes. Therefore, it is crucial to meet your prospects and accomplishing your goals. Writing a marketing plan is the first step to having a successful business.