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Hitesh Yadav

Hitesh Yadav

Digital Marketing Expert, Blogger, Influencer

“When I do stand-up, I’m basically doing a one-man show”

#1 SEO Expert & Digital Marketing Consultant In Noida | Hitesh Yadav

Being an IT Professional have always has a keen eye on the happenings of the Tech World. This is where l generated an interest in digital marketing. Founder of and have sucessfully with 30+ clients. Specialized in aspects of digital marketing, content marketing and e-mail marketing. has established themselves in the market by publishing insanely practical strategies that marketers can use to grow their online business.

In short, I generate business for you. I also help the people in consulting what online marketing strategy will work for them.

Doing beyond what I commit is my working style and I am well confident on my skills that once given the chance, I can prove myself and get what I’ve been hired for.



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