#DigitalMarketing Explained in Hindi | कम खर्चे में Digital Marketing कैसे करें ? | Buzz Rank

In this video, Hitesh Yadav is explaining everything you need to know about #DigitalMarketing.

Either you are a small businessman or looking for a career in the field of Digital Marketing, this video will help you out with an overview of Digital Marketing, major channels of Digital Marketing, and the Benefits of Digital Marketing.

Major topics covered in this video:

1. What is Digital Marketing? / Digital Marketing क्या है?
2. Major Channels of Digital Marketing/Types of Digital Marketing

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
– Social Media Optimization (SMO)
– Social Media Marketing (SMM)
– Email Marketing
– Content Marketing
– Affiliate Marketing
– Influencer Marketing

3. Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the future of every business. Digital Marketing is letting people marketing their products at a lesser budget when we compare it to Traditional Marketing.

Digital Marketing lets us calculate real-time ROI with the help of tools (i,e Google Analytics, FB Insights, Google Adword and etc.)

NOTE: Whenever you are in doubt, don’t worry because there is a smiling practical dude called Hitesh Yadav who has faith in you. So,Tension nhi lena, Tmhara bhai hai tumhe Digital Marketing field mei expert banane ke liye 😉

What Hitesh Yadav Do?
In short, I generate business for you. I also help the people in consulting what online marketing strategy will work for them.

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Being an IT Professional has always had a keen eye on the happenings of the Tech World. This is where l generated interest in digital marketing. The founder of hiteshbuzz.com has successfully worked with 30+ clients. Specialized in aspects of digital marketing, content marketing, and e-mail marketing. hiteshbuzz.com has established itself in the market by publishing insanely practical strategies that marketers can use to grow their online business.

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In short, I generate business for you. I also help the people in consulting what online marketing strategy will work for them.




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