Consult the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India for your business Right Now!!!

89% of Americans go online at least once a day and 31% are online almost constantly. As a marketer it is important to take advantage of the digital world with an online advertising presence, building a brand, delivering a great customer experience that also brings in more leads and more, with a digital strategy.


Consult the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India for your business Right Now!!!

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, Digital Marketing is the promotion of anything with the help of the electronic device and the internet while taking care of “Marketing” basics”. This not only includes email, social media, and web advertising but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.


Consult the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India for your business Right Now!!!

Digital is mandatory in 2021 ara to optimize your marketing strategies. Digital marketing can help you know your audience, gain important data about them, and provide metrics that will give your marketing team credibility.

  • Problem: I don’t know my audience in detail to get started. Getting to know your audience takes time, and while your marketing team has developed audience personalities that can be helpful, consumers who actively spend time online may not behave the way you would expect. You will need to test different languages ​​with different targets. Adapt to your audience and you’ll build credibility that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Problem: Optimizing SEO Channels. Regardless of where you stand in the marketing process, it’s important to understand SEO best practices. In addition to improving search engine rankings, SEO can strengthen and support your campaign’s testing and optimization to ensure you are delivering high-quality and valuable content that your potential customers want.
  • Problem: Having outcome-based social media strategy. Whether you want to develop an organic social media strategy, a paid social media strategy, or a mix of the two, it’s important to have some form of social marketing in place. While social media is great for branding and engagement, it can also be a useful channel for digital marketing advertising. Find a niche and a consistent voice, be patient, and as the number of your followers increases, the impact of your ads will increase as well.
  • Problem: My marketing teams are siled. It is important to get out of silos to create agile and fluid structures. Your customers aren’t locked into a channel waiting for ads. Your marketing efforts must therefore deploy multi-channel functionalities with teams that bring several skills to engage customers where they are. Each social network and channel have different audiences and expectations, so marketing efforts may seem completely different to everyone. This includes the tone, images, offers, and even the time you post.
  • Problem: I’m under pressure from my Marketing Director to report on metrics that support results. Digital marketing supports a large universe of metrics that can be used to determine the outcomes of your marketing strategies, but make sure you be careful while choosing these metrics. Each case will depend on the makeup of your audience and will focus on each channel. With this in mind, start by determining your goals for each channel and define the metrics your CMO will want to see the most.


Consult the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India for your business Right Now!!!

The ROI of digital marketing involves much more than the initial reimbursement of standard banner ads, organic content marketing is also a major player in the digital marketing space.

  • Digital marketing reaches customers beyond ads. Seventy percent of internet users want to learn more about products through content rather than traditional advertisements (MDG, 2014).
  • Digital marketing drives content marketing. Top five B2B content marketing tactics are social media content (92%), email newsletters (83%), articles on your website (81%), blogs (80%), and in-person events (77%) (source).
  • Digital marketing is vital for SEO. Top organic search results on Google account for 32.5% of traffic share for a search term (Chitka)


Consult the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India for your business Right Now!!!

Digital marketing has become important in large part because it reaches such a large audience, but it also offers a number of other benefits. Some advantages are.

A wide geographic reach:

When you post an ad online, people can see it wherever they are (as long as you haven’t geographically restricted your ad). This facilitates the growth of your business’s reach in the market.

Cost efficiency:

Digital marketing not only reaches a larger audience than traditional marketing but also costs less. The overhead costs of newspaper ads, TV spots, and other traditional marketing opportunities can be high. They also give you less control over whether your target audiences will see these messages in the first place.

With digital marketing, you can create a single piece of content that draws visitors to your blog while it’s active. You can create an email marketing campaign that sends messages to targeted customer lists on a schedule, and you can change content and can change scheduling.

When you add it all up, digital marketing gives you a lot more flexibility and customer contact for your ad spend.

Quantifiable results:

To know if your marketing strategy is working, you need to know how many customers it attracts and how much revenue it ultimately generates. But how do you get there with a non-digital marketing strategy?

There is still the traditional option of asking each client, “How did you find us?” “

Unfortunately, this does not work in all industries. Many businesses don’t have the ability to have one-on-one conversations with their customers, and surveys don’t always get complete results.

With digital marketing, tracking results is easy. Digital marketing software and platforms automatically track how many desired conversions you get, whether that’s email open rates, visits to your homepage, or direct purchases.

Easier customization:

Digital marketing allows you to collect customer data in ways that offline marketing cannot. Data collected on digital platforms are much more precise and also specific.

Imagine that you offer financial services and you want to send special offers to people who have looked at your products. You know that you will get better results if you target the offer in the interest of the person, so you decide to prepare 2 campaigns. One is for young families who have looked at your life insurance products and the other is for millennial entrepreneurs who have thought about your retirement plans.

How do you collect all this data without automated tracking? How many phone records would you have to go through? How many customer profiles? And how do you know who has or has not read the brochure you sent?

More connection with customers:

Digital marketing allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time. More importantly, it allows them to communicate with you.

Analyze your social media strategy again and again. It’s great when your target audience sees your last post, but it’s even better when they comment or share it. This means more buzz around your product or service, as well as increased visibility every time someone joins the conversation.

Interactivity also benefits your customers. The more level of engagement increases, The more participation you will have in your brandstroy. This sense of belonging can create a strong sense of brand loyalty.

Easy and convenient conversions:

Digital marketing allows your customers to take action immediately after seeing your ad or content. With traditional ads, the most immediate result you can hope for is a phone call soon after someone sees your ad. But how often does someone have time to contact a business while doing the dishes, driving on the highway, or updating their records at work?

With digital marketing, they can click on a link or save a blog post and immediately move through the sales funnel. They might not make a purchase immediately, but they will stay in touch with you and give you the opportunity to interact with them more.


Consult the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India for your business Right Now!!!

There are as many specializations in digital marketing as there are ways to interact with digital media. Some top examples:

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is technically a marketing tool rather than a form of marketing per se. The Balance defines it as “the art and science of making web pages attractive to search engines”.

The “art and science” part of SEO is what is most important. SEO is a science because it requires you to research and weigh different contributing factors to get the highest ranking possible. Today, the most important things to consider when optimizing a web page include:

  • Content quality
  • User engagement level
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Number and quality of inbound links

Using these factors strategically makes SEO a science, but the unpredictability involved makes it an art.

In SEO, there is no quantifiable rubric or consistent rule for high ranking. It’s impossible to make exact predictions because Google changes its algorithm almost constantly. The only thing you can do – Monitor your page’s performance closely and make changes accordingly.

Content marketing

SEO is a major factor in content marketing, a strategy based on the dissemination of relevant and rewarding content to a target audience.

As with any marketing strategy, the goal of content marketing is to attract leads who ultimately turn into customers. But it does it differently from traditional advertising. Instead of attracting prospects with potential value to a product or service, it offers value for free in the form of written material.

Content marketing is important, and there are plenty of statistics to prove it:

  • 84% of consumers expect businesses to produce entertaining and useful content experiences
  • 62% of companies with 5,000 or more employees produce content daily
  • 92% of marketers think their business sees content as an important asset

Content marketing copywriters need to be able to rank well in search engine results while engaging people who will read the material, share it, and more brand engagement. When content is relevant, it can build strong relationships throughout the pipeline.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing means driving traffic and increasing brand awareness by engaging people in online discussions. The most popular platforms for social media marketing are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, followed closely by LinkedIn and YouTube.

Because social media marketing involves active audience participation, it has become a popular way to gain attention. It is the most popular content medium for B2C marketers at 96%, and it is also gaining ground in the B2B sphere. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 61% of B2B content marketers have increased their use of social media this year.

Social media marketing offers built-in engagement metrics, which are extremely useful in helping you understand how well you’re reaching your audience. You decide what types of interactions matter most to you, whether it’s the number of shares, comments, or the total number of clicks on your website.

Buying direct may not even be a goal of your social media marketing strategy. Many brands use social media marketing to initiate dialogues with the audience rather than encouraging them to spend money immediately. This is especially common in brands that target an older audience or offer products and services not suitable for impulse buying. It all depends on the goals of your business.

To learn more about how Mailchimp can help you with your social media strategy, see how our free social media management tools compare to others.

Pay-per-click marketing

Pay per click, or PPC, is when you put an ad on a platform and pay every time someone clicks it.

It is a bit complicated to determine how and when people will see you Ads. When a spot is available on a search engine results page, also known as a SERP, the engine fills the spot with what is essentially an instant bid. Depends on numbers of factors, including:

  • Ad quality
  • Keyword relevance
  • Landing page quality
  • Bid amount

Each PPC campaign has one or more target actions that viewers are expected to take after clicking on an ad. These actions are called conversions and can be transactional or non-transactional. Making a purchase is a conversion, but so is signing up for a newsletter or making a call to your home office.

Whatever you choose as your target conversions, you can track them through whatever platform you like to see how your campaign is doing.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows someone to make money by promoting another person’s business. You can be the promoter or the company that works with the promoter, but the process is the same in either case.

It operates on a revenue-sharing model. If you are the affiliate, you receive a commission every time someone purchases the item that you are promoting. If you are the merchant, you pay the affiliate for each sale they help you make.

Some affiliate marketers choose to review a single company’s products, perhaps on a blog or other third-party site. Others have relationships with several merchants.

Whether you want to become an affiliate or find one, the first step is to establish a connection with the other party. You can use a platform designed to match affiliates with retailers, or you can start or join a single retailer program.

If you are a retailer and choose to work directly with affiliates, there are many things you can do to make your program attractive to potential promoters. You will need to provide these affiliates with the tools they need to be successful. This includes incentives for great results as well as marketing support and pre-fabricated materials.

Native advertising

Native advertising is disguised marketing. Its aim is to blend in with its surrounding content so that it is less obvious than the advertisement.

A native advertisement circumvents this bias by providing information or entertainment before it does anything promotional, minimizing the “advertising” aspect.

It is important to always clearly label your native ads. Use words like “promoted” or “sponsored”. If these metrics are hidden, readers might end up spending a lot of time looking at the content before realizing it is advertising.

Also, be clear to your audience about the values that you are giving to your audience. Native ads are meant to be less intrusive than traditional ads, but they’re not meant to be misleading.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation uses software to power digital marketing campaigns, improving the effectiveness and relevance of advertising.

According to the statistics:

  • 90% of US consumers find personalization “very” or “somewhat” attractive
  • 81% of consumers would like the brands they engage with to understand them better
  • 77% of businesses believe in the value of real-time personalization, but 60% struggle with it

Marketing automation enables businesses to meet expectations of personalization. It allows brands to:

  • Collect and analyze consumer information
  • Design targeted marketing campaigns
  • Send and publish marketing messages at the right time to the right audiences

Many marketing automation tools use the engagement of prospects (or lack thereof) with a particular message to determine when and how to contact them next. This level of real-time personalization means you can effectively create an individualized marketing strategy for each customer without any additional time investment.

Email marketing

The concept of email marketing is simple: you send a promotional message and hope your prospect clicks on it and execution of email marketing bit on harder side. First of all, you need to make sure that your emails are searched. This means having an opt-in list that does the following:

  • Individualizes content, both in body and subject line
  • Clearly indicates the type of emails the subscriber will receive
  • Offers a clear unsubscribe option
  • Integrates both transactional and promotional emails

You want your prospects to see your campaign as a valuable service, not just a promotional tool.

Email marketing is a proven and effective technique on its own: 89% of professionals surveyed rated it as their most effective lead generator.

It can be even better if you incorporate other techniques such as marketing automation, which allows you to segment and schedule your emails so that they more effectively meet the needs of your customers.


Consult the best Best Digital Marketing Agency in India for your business Right Now!!!

Digital marketing and inbound marketing are easily confused and for good reason. same tools are used for digital marketing as inbound marketing – email and online content, to name a few. Both exist to capture the attention of prospects along the buyer’s journey and turn them into customers. But the 2 approaches take different points of view on the relationship between the tool and the objective.


Consult the best Best Digital Marketing Agency in India for your business Right Now!!!

Digital marketing works for both B2B and B2C businesses, but the best practices differ significantly between the 2.

  • B2B customers tend to have longer decision-making processes, and therefore longer sales funnels. Relationship-building strategies work best for these customers, while B2C customers tend to respond better to short-term offers and messages.
  • B2B transactions are usually based on logic and evidence, which is what qualified B2B digital marketers present. B2C content is more likely to be emotion-based, with an emphasis on making the customer feel good about a purchase.
  • B2B decisions tend to require the input of more than one person. The marketing materials that best guide these decisions are usually shareable and downloadable. B2C customers, on the other hand, favor individual relationships with a brand.

Of course, exceptions are always there. A B2C business with an expensive product, like a car or a computer, can offer more informative and serious content. Your strategy should always be geared towards your own customers, whether you are B2B or B2C.


Consult the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India for your business Right Now!!!

Digital marketers are responsible for developing brand awareness and lead generation across all digital channels – free and paid – that are available to a business. These channels include social media, company website, search engine rankings, email, display advertising, and company blog.

The digital marketer focuses on a Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each channel so that they can properly measure the business performance on each of them. An SEO digital marketer, for example, measures their website’s “organic traffic” – that is, traffic from website visitors who have found a page on the company’s website. business through a Google search.

Digital marketing is practiced today in many marketing roles. In small businesses, a generalist may simultaneously own several of the digital marketing tactics described above. In large companies, these tactics have multiple specialists who each focus on one or two of the brand’s digital channels.

Some specialists examples:

  • SEO manager

Main KPIs: Organic traffic

In short, SEO managers get the business to rank on Google. Using various search engine optimization approaches, this person can work directly with the content creators to ensure that the content they produce performs well on Google, even if the company publishes that content on the networks as well. social.

  • Content Marketing Specialist

Main KPIs: time spent on page, overall blog traffic, YouTube channel subscribers

Content marketers are the creators of digital content. They frequently follow the company’s blogging schedule and develop a content strategy that also includes video. These professionals often work with people from other departments to ensure that the products and campaigns launched by the company are accompanied by promotional content on every digital channel.

  • Social media manager

Main KPIs: follow-ups, impressions, shares

The role of a social media manager is easy to deduce from the title, but the social networks they manage for the company depend on the industry. Most importantly, social media managers set a schedule for posting corporate written and visual content. This employee can also work with the content marketer to develop a strategy for what content to post on which social network.

(Note: According to the KPIs above, “impressions” refers to the number of times a company’s posts appear on a user’s News Feed.)

  • Marketing Automation Coordinator

Main KPIs: email open rate, campaign click-through rate, lead generation rate (conversion)

The Marketing Automation Coordinator helps choose and manage the software that allows the entire marketing team to understand their customers’ behavior and measure their business growth. Since many of the marketing operations described above can be performed separately from each other, it is important that there is someone who can aggregate these digital activities into individual campaigns and track the performance of each campaign.


Consult the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India for your business Right Now!!!


Define your goals.

When you get started in digital marketing, it is essential that you first identify and define your goals, because you will develop your strategy differently based on those goals. For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, you might want to pay more attention to reaching new audiences through social media.

Alternatively, you might want to increase sales of a specific product. If so, it’s more important that you focus on SEO and content optimization to get potential buyers to your website in the first place. Additionally, if sales are your goal, you can test PPC campaigns to drive traffic through paid ads.

Either way, it’s easier to shape a digital marketing strategy after determining the main goals of your business.

Identify your target audience.

We’ve mentioned it before, but one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is the ability to target specific audiences. However, you can’t reap this benefit if you haven’t identified your target audience first.

Of course, it’s important to note that your target audience may vary depending on the channel or goals you have for a specific product or campaign.

For example, you may have noticed that most of your Instagram audience is younger and prefers funny memes and quick videos, but your LinkedIn audience tends to be older professionals looking for more tactical advice. You’ll want to vary your content to appeal to these different target audiences.

If you’re starting from scratch, don’t hesitate to take a look at How to Find Your Target Audience.

Set a budget for each digital channel.

As with everything, the budget you determine really depends on what digital marketing elements you want to add to your strategy.

If you’re focusing on inbound techniques like SEO, social media, and creating content for a pre-existing website, the good news is that you don’t need a lot of budgets at all. With inbound marketing, the main goal is to create high-quality content that your audience will want to consume, which, unless you are planning to outsource the work, the only investment you will need is your time.

You can get started by hosting a website and creating content using HubSpot’s CMS. For those on a tight budget, you can start using WordPress hosted on WP Engine, using a simple them from StudioPress, and building your site code-free using Elementor Website Builder for WordPress.

With outgoing techniques such as online advertising and buying mailing lists, there is definitely an expense involved. What it costs depends on the type of visibility you want to achieve through the advertising.

For example, to implement PPC using Google AdWords, you bid against other businesses in your industry to appear at the top of Google’s search results for keywords associated with your business. Depending on the competitiveness of the keyword, this can be reasonably affordable or extremely expensive, which is why it’s also a good idea to focus on building your organic reach.

Find the right balance between paid and free digital strategies.

A digital marketing strategy probably needs both paid and free aspects to be truly effective.

For example, if you spend time building complete buyers to identify the needs of your audience and focus on creating quality online content to attract and convert them, you are likely to see good results over the course of the years. first six months despite minimal publicity. spend.

However, if paid advertising is part of your digital strategy, the results could be even faster.

Ultimately, it’s recommended that you focus on growing your organic (or “free”) reach using content, SEO, and social media for longer-term, sustainable success.

If in doubt, try both and repeat your process as you discover which channels (paid or free) work best for your brand.

Create engaging content.

Once you know your audience and have a budget, it’s time to start creating content for the different channels you’re going to be using. This content can be social media posts, blog posts, PPC ads, sponsored content, email marketing newsletters, etc.

Of course, any content you create should be interesting and engaging for your audience, as the goal of marketing content is to increase brand awareness and improve lead generation.

Optimize your digital assets for mobile.

Mobile marketing is another key part of digital marketing. In fact, overall smartphone use accounts for 69% of the time spent consuming digital media in the United States, while computer-based digital media consumption accounts for less than half – and the United States is only half of it. still not the biggest mobile fan compared to other countries.

This means that it is essential to optimize your digital ads, web pages, social media images, and other digital assets for mobile devices. If your business has a mobile app that allows users to interact with your brand or purchase your products, your app also falls under digital marketing.

Those who interact with your business online through mobile devices should have the same positive experience as they do on a desktop. It means implementing a mobile-friendly or responsive website design to make navigation user-friendly for mobile device users. It can also mean reducing the length of your lead generation forms to create a hassle-free experience for people downloading your content on the go. When it comes to your social media images, it is important to always think of a mobile user when creating them, as image dimensions are smaller on mobile devices and text may be cut off.

There are many ways to optimize your digital marketing assets for mobile users, and when implementing a digital marketing strategy, it’s extremely important to consider how the experience will translate on mobile devices. By making sure that this is always in mind, you will create digital experiences that work for your audience and as a result, get the results you hope for.

Perform a keyword search.

Digital marketing is all about reaching target audiences with personalized content, which cannot happen without effective keyword research.

Keyword research is essential to optimizing your website and content for SEO and ensuring that people can find your business through search engines. Additionally, social media keyword research can also be helpful in marketing your products or services on various social channels.

Even if you don’t have a full-time SEO strategist, you’ll still want to do keyword research. Try to build a list of high-performing keywords related to your products or services, and consider long-tail variations for additional opportunities.

Iterate based on the analyzes you are measuring.

Finally, to create an effective long-term digital marketing strategy, it’s essential that your team learns to pivot based on analytics.

For example, maybe after a few months, you find that your audience isn’t as interested in your content on Instagram anymore, but loves what you create on Twitter. Of course, this could be an opportunity to re-examine your Instagram strategy as a whole, but it could also be a sign that your audience prefers another channel to consume branded content.

Alternatively, you might find that an old webpage isn’t getting the traffic it was used to. You may consider updating the page or getting rid of it altogether to ensure visitors find the most recent and relevant content for their needs.

Digital marketing provides businesses with incredibly flexible opportunities for continued growth, but it’s up to you to take advantage of them.

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