Trademark Registration in Bangladesh: Step-by-Step

Trademark Registration in Bangladesh: Step-by-Step

When it comes to the process of protecting intellectual property, trademark Registration are a crucial component, and the process of registering a trademark involves a number of stages that are clearly defined.

The following is a simplified tutorial that will help you through the process of registering a trademark in Bangladesh. Please find it below:

Step 1: Trademark Registration Search

Before beginning the process of registering a mark, it is recommended to first do a search to exclude the possibility that the mark in question has already been registered. Even though it is not required, doing this step helps to prevent problems. In order to carry out the search, you will need to submit FORM TM-4 together with the required fees:

  • Government Fee: Tk 2000
  • VAT: 15%
  • Miscellaneous Cost: Tk 500

This search typically takes 2 to 3 days.

Step 2: Authorized Representative

The issuance of a Power of Attorney in favor of a lawyer or representation is required in the event that the petition is filed by a foreigner or via a representative. Please send in the following fees together with the FORM TM-10:

  • Government Fee: Tk 1000
  • VAT: 15%

Step 3: Application for Trademark Registration Online

a) Required Documents/Information:

In order for you to submit the application, you will need to provide a number of distinct details. Specifics such as the particulars of the mark, information about the applicant, requirements for the goods or services, and a hardcopy of the application itself are included in these particulars. It is necessary to submit the application to the Trademark Registration, which is the entity that is accountable for the jurisdiction of the principal place of business.

b) Jurisdiction to File:

The application may be filed online via the Trademark Registration office that is most relevant for the particular application, and the costs are as follows:

  • Government Fee: Tk 5000
  • VAT: 15%

Step 4: Acceptance of Application

Following the submission of the document, you will be provided with a receipt that is created automatically and contains important information about the file.

Step 5: Evaluation of Application

An examination of the trademark’s originality is performed by the Registrar. In the event that the requirements are met, a Letter of Acceptance is provided, and the mark is then documented in the Trade Marks Journal. In general, this procedure takes between three and six months.

Step 6: Journal Stage Publication

Through the publication of the proposed trademark Registration in the Trade Marks Journal, the public is given the opportunity to voice their opinion within a period of two months. The application will be considered abandoned if the journal fee is not paid within one month of the application being submitted.

Submit FORM TM-9 for publication:

  • Government Fee: Tk 3000
  • VAT: 15%

Step 7: Opposition (if needed)

By sending a notice of opposition in FORM TM-5, anybody has the ability to file a dispute within two months following the publication of the document. Counter-statements and appeals are also important components of the opposition process.

a) Opposition Process:

  • Government Fee: Tk 5000
  • VAT: 15%

b) Counter Statement and Appeal:

  • Government Fee: Tk 4000
  • VAT: 15%

Step 8: Registration

In the event that there is no disagreement after the opposition period, the Registrar will send a notification to the applicant to pay the necessary payments. Following receipt of payment, a Certificate of Registration is provided, which is valid for seven years beginning on the date of filing.

Submit FORM TM-11 for registration:

  • Government Fee: Tk 20,000
  • VAT: 15%

Step 9: Registered Trademark Renewal

Through the payment of the renewal costs, trademarks may be renewed for an undetermined amount of time. If you fail to renew your registration, you risk being removed from the Registrar.

FORM TM-12 must be submitted for renewal:

  • Government Fee: Tk 20,000
  • VAT: 15%

Use FORM TM-17, which includes extra costs, for late renewals that occur within four months of the expiration date:

  • Renewal: Tk 20,000
  • Late fee: Tk 5,000
  • VAT: 15%

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